The Hunger Challenge

Below is an example of the types of food we provide our destitute clients in a weekly food parcel. Challenge yourself to buy these items (they should cost between £5-10) and live for a week on only these items, and get people to sponsor you! If you don’t want to ask people to sponsor you why not donate what you would typically spend on food per week instead.

If you have any medical conditions we recommend speaking to your GP before undertaking the Hunger Challenge.

1 x litre of semi skimmed milk

1 x litre orange juice or 1 x litre of apple juice

1 x 500g of spaghetti/pasta or500g rice

1 x large pack of biscuits (eg. rich tea)

1 x sugar 333g

14 x tea bags

1 x apple

1 x banana or 1 x Orange

1 x tinned tomatoes

2 x tins of fish such as tuna or sardines

1 x tin of baked beans or 1 x tin of kidney beans

1 x tin of sweetcorn

1 x tin of carrots or garden peas

1 x tin of tinned fruit

In addition to the list above you are allowed to spend up to £5 on items of your choice. This is because another local charity provides our clients £5 per week.

Also as we usually provide our clients with 1 hot meal a week you are allowed to have 1 hot meal prepared by a friend. Find details of other ways you can get sponsored here.

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